Accessible Industry 4.0

We enable manufacturers to improve efficiency and reliability of production assets using

  • IoT for data acquisition
  • Proprietary AI for predictive analytics¬†
  • End-to-end platform for actionable insights

End-to-end Maintenance Management, powered with data and AI

No Data Silos

Now integrate data from multiple sources onto cloud

Downtime Losses

Now predict failure and diagnose causes

No Inefficiencies

and now improve machine life and production KPIs

Our data-driven approach leads to continuous improvement through

Condition Monitoring IoT Sensors and Gateways

Cloud-based Data Integration Platform

AI-powered predictive analytics algorithms

Prescriptive analytics and actionable insights

Our Products

Zolnoi offers a Technology that is AI-first | Domain-tuned | End-to-end. The products are packaged in a modular fashion with seamless integration for easy adoption and fast value creation.


IoT Sensors and Gateways, Cloud storage, AI-powered data transformers.

Vendor-enabled, One-time setup


Log analytics, Operational insights, Data dashboards, Site reports

Free-to-pilot, delivered in 2 weeks


Data Dashboard, Predictive Analytics, Maintenance Management

Subscription-based, SaaS platform

Achieve tangible benefits*

1 %

Reduction is Maintenance Team Size

1 %

Reduction is Spares Inventory

1 %

Improvement in Machine Life

1 %

Reduction is Production Downtime

*Estimated based on customer interactions and technology R&D

Our Founder

Sivam Pillai

Founder & CEO

I have a PhD in Manufacturing Prognostics from National University of Singapore. In my 5+ years of research, I have developed ML algorithms for 10+ industrial applications with publications in top-tier journals. I have co-founded a factory analytics startup in Singapore and launched their first vision-based product. Prior to that, I worked for Siemens Smart Infrastructure as a Product Engineer and Part-time Data Scientist.

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