Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing

Zolnoi offers data-driven energy savings and sustainable solutions for Manufacturers.

With our Plug-and-Play solutions manufacturers achieve 3X impact across Energy, Production, and Maintenance

3X impact across Energy, Production, and Maintenance


intervene and improve on stoppages and production rate

Prevent Breakdown

Detect faults, Improve maintenance scheduling


Monitor energy efficiency and identify energy wastages

machine constraints made irrelevant by tapping into the machine's “heart-beat” - the electricity current patterns

Plug and play

Real-time insights for any machine type, age or digital readiness

Non-invasive Technology

Non-invasive sensors for ease of adoption and faster deployment

3X impact

1x infrastructure for 3x impact on energy, production, and maintenance

Our Products

Our AI-based electric current signature analysis helps reduce energy costs while also enabling production efficiencies

Production Monitoring

Build and track your loss tree leading to production stoppages

Energy Management

Track energy per ton and alert over-consumption

Machine Efficiency

Detect machine health and energy inefficiency

Energy Optimization

Define optimal operating envelope, alert deviations

Achieve tangible benefits*

1 %

Improvement in Capacity Utilization

1 %

Reduction in Energy consumption

*Estimated based on customer interactions and technology R&D

Our Founders

Varun Rai

Founder & CEO

Sales and marketing leader with strategic and operational experience gained across multiple industry sectors including digital technology, oil & gas, payments, transportation, and fleet management. Experience ranges from the setup of new businesses to growing large mature businesses. Specialties: Business development. Marketing. Strategy development. Customer Experience management. Process Improvement and Operations.

Dr. Sivam Pillai

Founder & CTO

A PhD in Manufacturing Prognostics from National University of Singapore, Sivam Pillai, has developed ML algorithms for 10+ industrial applications with publications in top-tier journals. In the past, Sivam has co-founded a factory analytics startup in Singapore and helped launch their first vision-based product. Prior to that, he worked for Siemens Smart Infrastructure as a Product Engineer and Part-time Data Scientist.

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